The Way Forward – Continuity of Care

The Way Forward: Pathways to hope, recovery, and wellness with insights from lived experience is a resource developed by the Suicide Attempt Survivors Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention that provides recommendations for suicide prevention activities that blend evidence-based practices and perspectives informed by lived experience. Here are the recommendations related to linking systems together and enhancing continuity of care:

Part 5: Systems Linkages and Continuity of Care

Recommendation 5.1 – Policy: Colleges and universities should develop policies that promote help-seeking and foster a supportive campus environment.

Recommendation 5.2 – Program: Develop and promote peer specialist programs to provide students who are coping with suicidal thoughts or behavioral health challenges with support and connections to resources.

Recommendation 5.3 – Practice: Suicide prevention and mental health advocacy groups should use public recognition to highlight exemplary school policies and programs.

Recommendation 5.4 – Policy: Hospitals and clinics should establish formal relationship with community support organizations or groups to facilitate continuity of care.

Recommendation 5.5 – Program: Develop coordinated care systems that can ensure continuity of care, particularly during high risk periods for suicide.

Recommendation 5.6 – Policy: Hospitals should work with crisis centers, peer professionals, and outpatient healthcare providers to establish formal strategies for transitions from emergency or inpatient services to community supports.

Recommendation 5.7 – Practice: All agencies, organizations, and groups providing support for attempt survivors should consider ways to use technology to facilitate timely access to care.

Recommendation 5.8 – Practice: Conduct research and evaluation studies to examine and improve technology-based supports like online forums and self-help resources.