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Destiny Tuning – First Month Report

Within my first month doing the “Manifestation Miracle” program and trying out the destiny tuning idea, my contract with the County of Fresno was approved and is making steady progress. I completed and published a book on 13 Reasons Why that is now available on Amazon and through my website. I completely moved my websites […]

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Destiny Tuning – Day Four

Is it possible that I’m experiencing actual results from a “Manifestation Miracle?” I’m not going to assign weight to any particular cause, but I can provide some observations. Today: my medications got approved after getting rejected before a contract I’ve been struggling to get finalized for months has been approved I received three offers for […]

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Destiny Tuning – Day Three

I’m not sure about this “Manifestation Miracle” thing but I am at least open enough to the idea to give it a try. It can’t hurt to be more in tune with my inner self. I know what I’m supposed to be doing with my life and it does feel good when I’m authentically “in […]

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Destiny Tuning – Day Two

I’m continuing along on the path to “Manifestation Miracle, ” and thus far there are some things I can believe in, and some that I just don’t believe (yet). I’ll need proof. We’ll start with the idea of energies. It’s probably true that there are energy attractions. That is observable physics – protons and electrons, […]

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Destiny Tuning – Day One

I decided to try this program that I came across while searching for inspiration and motivation. It said, “Manifestation Miracle” and it was something that I could promote as a paid affiliate. So I sat through the sales video – and it’s long! But how can I promote something that I didn’t do myself? As […]

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