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Now Matters Now

NowMattersNow.org is a web-based resource that includes stories by persons with lived experience as well as evidence-based strategies for coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings. This resource was founded by Ursula Whiteside, Ph.D. who is also a Lived Experience Academy Faculty member, and in the spirit of collaboration I serve as part of Team Now […]

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Mindfulness – Intro

What is mindfulness? According to NowMattersNow.org, mindfulness is the worst enemy for suicidal thoughts. They have developed a series of videos to introduce the concept as it is applied within the context of countering suicidal thinking. It is one of the core elements of DBT that people are encouraged to practice. At NowMattersNow.org┬áthere is a […]

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If you ever start feeling like you're heading into a crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255)