Suicide Prevention: Applied expertise

Andromeda Constellation
Andromeda Galaxy: A trillion stars

With a solid foundation, positive growth, and relevant skills, the last step is to apply your lived expertise to help with suicide prevention, recovery and life promotion.

The selected image for this category is the Andromeda Galaxy, and it is a beautiful celestial photo highlighting the trillion stars found in that galaxy. In public talks referring to the value of lived experience, I sometimes draw an analogy to stars. For centuries scientists from a range of disciplines have studied the stars, and yet I have no doubt that almost every one of them would line up for the opportunity to speak to an actual star if one visited earth and was able to hold a conversation. In trying to understand suicidal behavior we have learned much from research and clinical studies, and we can learn even more by talking with individuals with lived experience – we are like those stars. I see my lived experience community as being just as awe-inspiring and┬ábeautiful as the Andromeda Galaxy, and that is why the Lived Experience Academy uses star themes.

In this section, you will find examples of lived expertise in action as well as commentary on suicide prevention from perspectives of lived experience.

By Dr. Lezine

DeQuincy Lezine is a suicide attempt survivor with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and postdoctoral training in suicide prevention. He is the Director of the Lived Experience Academy.

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