If you're in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 800-273-8255

This is a short overview of Stage 1 where you are getting stable after a suicidal crisis. After watching this video you'll have a good idea for how to accomplish that. More detailed information can be found below.

Basics for getting things more stable

1. Can we pause?
If a therapist or other provider has ever said that you should stop having suicidal thoughts, then you're not alone.[...]
2. Let’s procrastinate
So now it's time to procrastinate. We're all going to die sometime, so why does it have to be today?[...]
3. Make The Choice
Actively decide to live for at least a little while. You deserve to get a fair chance from yourself. Again[...]
4. Reasons to keep living
Find a reason for continuing. What do you want to see, or do, or experience before you die? Did you[...]
5. Future perspective
Some people say to “remember where you came from” and “don’t forget your roots”. Those are okay if you can[...]
6. Practical steps
Some practical steps to make a better future more likely now that you have some reasons to hold on. Making[...]

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