You want to keep them safe after their suicidal crisis. What do you use? A Safety Plan.

It’s effective when used correctly, but how do you make a good one?

How do you balance concern for safety with life promotion?

This complimentary mini-course exemplifies a growth perspective; helping you achieve that balance and pursue something beyond recovery.

  • 20 minutes of video with Dr. Meiffren-Lezine, organized in 3 segments
  • In-depth discussion and critique of Safety Planning
  • Specific recommendations for improving Safety Planning
  • Downloadable resource for planning safety and growth
  • Downloadable curated notes for the video series

The Lived Experience Academy champions Post-Traumatic Growth.

This complimentary mini-course exemplifies my perspective while helping you achieve a balance between attention to safety following a suicidal crisis and the pursuit of something beyond recovery.

The video series provides in-depth information about safety planning and extracting the basis for pursuing post-traumatic growth.

I’m DeQuincy Meiffren-Lézine, a suicide attempt survivor who has been active in suicide prevention since 1996.

Following advocacy work on the road to my Sc.B. from Brown University I earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA. I went on to study public health approaches to suicide prevention at the University of Rochester. Near the end of my time as a postdoctoral fellow I wrote the book Eight Stories Up, blending guidance from clinical research and lived experience.

While serving as the principal author on The Way Forward for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, I became the inaugural Chair of the Attempt Survivor and Lived Experience Division of AAS and served as a Co-Chair of the Consumer Survivor Committee for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. In 2015, I was honored to be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAMHSA Voice Awards.

As the Director of the Lived Experience Academy I’m excited about the opportunity to share my insights and perspectives with you.