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Recovery starts at home

1. Recovery starts at home

So you’re not actively planning your suicide. You’re looking toward the future. What’s next? It’s time to put your life back together.

We’re going to start with the physical living environment and activities of daily living, basic functioning.

Why? The reason for starting here is that (whether or not you were in the hospital) some things have likely been neglected as the result of the suicidal crisis. Sometimes when a person thinks that everything is over they clean up and return things. That’s where the ‘Warning Sign’ of giving things away comes from.

However, for some of us when life doesn’t have meaning, things like laundry, dishes, mail, and other things around the home might get neglected. The problem is that after the crisis is over, the environment that says “I don’t care” is still around and can have an impact on your mood.

So let’s look at some ways to get the physical environment back into shape – or perhaps in better shape than it was before.