If you're in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 800-273-8255

This is a short overview of Stage 2 where you are stable and working on getting your life back. After watching this video you'll have a good idea for how to accomplish that. More detailed information can be found below.

Basics for Recovery

1. Recovery starts at home
So you’re not actively planning your suicide. You’re looking toward the future. What’s next? It’s time to put your life[...]
2. Moving back in
If you've been gone for a while it can almost feel like you're both returning home and also moving in.[...]
3. Taking care of the mail
There are likely many ways to approach handling mail that may have stacked up while you were away. Mostly these[...]
4a. Appointments – Where
First Choice There are many considerations to take into mind when you are deciding which order to pursue making healthcare[...]
4b. Appointments – Scheduling
Making healthcare appointments is something that’s easy to put off or procrastinate on, but is one of those things that[...]
4c. Appointments – Payment
There are various ways to pay for healthcare, but most of us will be using some form of health insurance.[...]
5a. Recovery – New Normal
One of the things that we need to address in the recovery period is to come to terms with what[...]
5b. Recovery – New You
You might be asking: Who am I now? Now that you have an idea about the symptoms, maybe a diagnosis,[...]
6a. Telling Other People – Intro
Some people may have noticed and said something. Some people probably noticed but didn’t say anything. Consider how specific or[...]
6b. Telling Other People – Decisions
What’s your timeline? What is the timeline for discussions? My suggestion is to go for support first. The suggested order[...]
7. Getting Back To Your Life
Family roles This is the time to revisit, clarify, and at least temporarily redistribute any family responsibilities. Back to school[...]

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