Reasons to continue

4. Reasons to keep living

Find a reason for continuing.

What do you want to see, or do, or experience before you die?

Did you always want to go to Paris? Who will you go with?

Do you want to go fishing again? Do you have bait and tackle that hasn’t even been used?

Is there someone you really wanted to ‘get even’ with? Don’t you deserve that? Don’t they?

Did you always want to ride a motorcycle? What kind? Harley? Kawasaki?

Have you dreamed of going to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills? What stores will you visit?

What dessert did you want to try that you haven’t had a chance to sample yet? Some kind of cake? Or pie? Or tart? Or fudge? Or gelato?

Did you always want to hike into the Grand Canyon? What will you do once you’re at the bottom? Will you go camping? Visit the waterfalls? Will you go rafting? Will you do stargazing or horseback riding?

Think about what you have wanted to do, and yet haven’t done yet. Suicide plans can wait. You have some other plans to get to first.

What are the top things that are on your list to do while you’re alive?