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Beyond recovery there is Post-Suicidal Growth.

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What is "Post-Suicidal Growth?"

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Hurting to Healing in 5 Stages

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A Path from
Hurting to Healing
after a Suicidal Crisis

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I would love the opportunity to help you along your journey to post-suicidal recovery and growth. As a start, I'll send you a Cheat Sheet that describes the 5 Stages and the milestones that can mark your progress.

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What is Post-Suicidal Growth?

I know it hurts to survive a suicidal crisis. There is a path to healing. You can go beyond recovery. You can learn from suicidal experiences, and possibly even help others. I call this process of recovery and growth following a suicidal crisis Post-Suicidal Growth (#PSG). I believe you can succeed at this whether the suicidal experience was your own, or it happened to someone you care about.

What are the 5-Stages in this Path?

You can get more details - from the video at the top of the page, but here are the 5 essential stages in this path for recovery and growth after a suicidal crisis:

  1. Stabilize - Stop the fall
  2. Recovery - Get your life back
  3. Evaluate - Figure out what happened
  4. Learn - Get specific skills you can use
  5. Grow - Apply what you learn from suicidal experience to make life better... for you and others.

Who is Dr. Lezine? (Why trust me?)

My Bio

I care because I've 'been there.'

When I was a freshman at Brown University I had a crisis. The pain I felt was so terrible that I attempted suicide. That pain fueled my passion to help others and I became an advocate. I created the first student group focused on college mental health and suicide prevention.

Since 1996, I have worked with many groups to prevent suicide and help people find ways to recover after a suicidal crisis: the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI); La Frontera / EMPACT Suicide Prevention Center; National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Suicide Attempt Survivor Task Force and Impact Group), Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC).

I was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for suicide prevention advocacy at the 2015 Voice Awards by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 

I earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UCLA. I worked almost exclusively with clients who were trying to overcome suicidal pain. I wrote my dissertation on the topic. After graduation I completed extra training in public health approaches to suicide prevention at the University of Rochester Center for the Prevention and Study of Suicide.

I wrote Eight Stories Up: An Adolescent Chooses Hope over Suicide to share my personal story and help teens get through suicidal crises. Later I wrote 13 Answers for the 13 Reasons Why to help parents talk about mental health topics  with their kids. I was also the primary writer of The Way Forward: Pathways to hope, recovery, and wellness with insights from lived experience (Action Alliance) to provide guidance for suicide prevention from the perspective of people who have 'been there.' 

I'm the Chair of the Attempt Survivor and Lived Experience Division of the American Association of Suicidology, and also the Co-Chair of the Consumer Survivor Committee for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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