Professional Development: Gaining expertise

What separates lived expertise from lived experience is the presence of expert skills.

The selected image for this category is a colorful brain map showing the nerve cell connections that are the basis of all learning and memory. Ongoing education is the key to acquiring expertise, and we plan to continue gathering resources for you to learn practical skills that can help you make use of your suicide and mental health knowledge.

A variety of competencies will be beneficial to add to your repertoire whether you are getting involved in suicide prevention as a consultant, public speaker, evaluator, writer, advocate, or volunteer. As an example, speaking skills are obviously useful if you will be giving public talks, but they are also helpful when you are training others or fielding questions from the media. As another example, learning how to use social media effectively can help with communications, marketing, networking, or branding. The wider the variety of skills that you acquire, the more impact you can haveĀ in your suicide prevention work.