moving back in

2. Moving back in

If you’ve been gone for a while it can almost feel like you’re both returning home and also moving in. So here’s the way I approach it:

First, start with the big stuff and work from there. It is easy to get stuck on small stuff. I often get stuck on the small stuff.

So what gets your attention first? Take care of that and you’ve have an initial win to give you some momentum.

We’re going to make your “to do” list into four parts using how much things bother you and how difficult they are.


Does it… Bother you a lot? Bother you a little?
Take a little work?  Do these First If low energy – Second
Take a lot of work? If high anxiety – Second Do these Last


What are the different things you have to get done in order for your space to feel like ‘Home’?

Now – mark those things as either something that bothers you a lot, or a little. Now mark those same things as taking a lot of effort, or just a little.

Here’s the order I suggest, but you might come up with something else:

  1. I’d start with things that are very bothersome but require little effort. This will give you the biggest payoff for the time you’re putting into it.
  2. Second, if you don’t have much energy, then work on the things that aren’t as bothersome, but also don’t require much effort.
  3. Third would be things that bother you a lot, but also take more work. (If you have high anxiety, you might make this #2).
  4. The last thing to tackle is the things that aren’t that bothersome and yet require a lot of effort.

OK – So that’s how I approach it. What order would you use?