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Mindfulness – Intro

What is mindfulness?

According to NowMattersNow.org, mindfulness is the worst enemy for suicidal thoughts. They have developed a series of videos to introduce the concept as it is applied within the context of countering suicidal thinking. It is one of the core elements of DBT that people are encouraged to practice. At NowMattersNow.org there is a brief 5-minute training as well as guidance offered from Dr. Ursula Whiteside and several other members of the team.

Why we aren’t usually “mindful”

As we go through our daily lived it is easy to neglect our minds and get lulled into a lack of awareness of things around us. Sometimes you might find that you’re just “going through the motions” of existence. Other times your head might be filled with anxious thoughts and worries about the future, or painful regrets about the past. When our mood is low it is especially easy for the brain to center on thoughts that match the low mood.

Using mindfulness techniques is one way to bring ourselves back into connection with the world around us. It’s something that can be learned and practiced.

How is mindfulness different?

Mindfulness involves attention to the present moment. As they say at NowMattersNow.org, it is considered a “middle path” between being completely overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions on one side, and being numb or zoned out on the other side.

The idea is to be able to control your attention. Eventually, you’ll be able to manage the thoughts and feelings that you’re experiencing so that you can decide on how to react to situations. It takes time and practice, but you’ll be able to experience your feelings, observe what is going on outside and inside, and make conscious choices about what to do in the present moment.


Play a guided meditation for quieting your mind that is perfect for enhancing mindfulness:

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