Lived experience informing grassroots suicide prevention

AAS Conference, April 27th 2017, 4:00 PM

Authors: Lehto, Stage, Hardy

 Summary Authors (Twitter)
  • Stigma can be addressed through personal contact with individuals who have lived experience
  • Suicide prevention campaigns have traditionally been aimed toward mainstream culture
  • Alternative branding and/or messaging has the potential to reach audiences that haven’t received prior interventions
  • Grassroots initiatives have the potential to build new outreach campaigns that are inclusive, novel, and easier for some groups to relate to
  • Individuals with lived experience can bring vital energy and perspective to new endeavors
  • Key to those initiatives is engaging and mobilizing members of the community to:
    • strengthen and enhance the ability of community members to connect
    • develop empathy and compassion
    • work together to achieve a world free of the pain of suicide
Amelia Lehto
Dese’Rae Stage
Katie Hardy

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