Future perspective

5. Future perspective

Some people say to “remember where you came from” and “don’t forget your roots”. Those are okay if you can gain strength, courage, joy, or warmth from your memories. But maybe you see trauma, pain, or failure. Then for now, forget that advice.

Some people say “live in the present”. That is excellent advice if it helps you to feel grounded, calm, or peaceful. What if the present sucks? Maybe forget that advice for now.

Maybe you need to think about the future instead. Maybe we trip, and fall, and stumble, and grimace, and curse, but keep facing forward. Our past is done. Our present is a result of past and what’s going on now. But the future is the result of  what’s happening now and what comes next. The future is the most possible thing to change. You can still shape what comes next.

I’m curious about where you gain strength and hope? Do you look at the past, present, or future?