Workshop supporting family and friends of attempt survivors

Workshop: Finding Hope: Voices From the Shadows

AAS Conference, April 29th 2017, 2:45 PM

Author: Matulis

 Summary Authors (Twitter)
  •  The Way Forward “Recommendation 2.3 – Program: Develop, evaluate, and promote programs specifically intended to help the family and friends of attempt survivors.”
  • Coping strategies for families and friends to avoid burnout
  • Video clips are used to present lived experiences
    • unrecognized needs for emotional and psychological help
    • insufficient support resources
    • traumatic stress from “vigilance and help-giving efforts”
  • Workshop aims to help care-givers be better informed in self-care
  • Shares the journey from frustrated chaos to reslience
  • Comparisons are made to domestic violence and addiction
Annemarie Matulis (@semavav)

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By Dr. Lezine

DeQuincy Lezine is a suicide attempt survivor with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and postdoctoral training in suicide prevention. He is the Director of the Lived Experience Academy.

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  1. Left me speechless to see this up here. Thank you! I came home from #AAS17 more determined than ever to do more and to do better to encourage “my” segment of those impacted by suicide to step up & step out from the shadows. I believe the self-care and support solutions exist, we just need to open up and exchange lived experience. One next step is a new documentary that can work as a wonderful conversation starter…coming soon, just like this community. ~ peace

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