Destiny Tuning – First Month Report

Within my first month doing the “Manifestation Miracle” program and trying out the destiny tuning idea, my contract with the County of Fresno was approved and is making steady progress. I completed and published a book on 13 Reasons Why that is now available on Amazon and through my website. I completely moved my websites from one host server to a different one and have built them up substantially.

I believe the medication that I’m taking is helpful, that has to get at least some credit for me being able to think more clearly and accomplish more. However, I have also listened to the entire audiobook for destiny tuning four times now, and each time I do, I feel more confident and inspired. A few major breakthroughs in my writing the book responding to 13 reasons why came while I was listening to the audiobook and walking my dog Cleo. There’s no doubt that I’ve started to feel more happy and hopeful. I also returned to listening to daily affirmations almost every day, something that the Manifestation Miracle program recommends.

Developing this Lived Experience Academy is something that is very much in line with who I believe I am meant to be, and thus, having focused on the idea of destiny tuning has pushed me to develop this project as well.

I plan to keep moving forward with destiny tuning and daily affirmations. My next step is to read the material for it (until now I have only done the audiobook).

I can’t scientifically say that any of the success that I have had over the past month can be directly tied to the law of attraction. However, there seems to be a strong correlation. I also feel more optimistic, happy, and hopeful when I am actively doing parts of the Manifestation Miracle program. Thus, I feel confident about recommending the program to others. I will continue to provide follow-up later.