Destiny Tuning – Day Two

I’m continuing along on the path to “Manifestation Miracle, ” and thus far there are some things I can believe in, and some that I just don’t believe (yet). I’ll need proof.

We’ll start with the idea of energies. It’s probably true that there are energy attractions. That is observable physics – protons and electrons, magnetic forces, gravity, etc. But in nature sometimes opposites attract. Nevertheless, let’s accept that for some things this idea of “law of attraction” might hold. This idea that the type of energy that you’re putting out will attract people and experiences with similar vibes.

Her basic idea then is that positive energy inside could attract positive outcomes outside. And, doing what is most consistent with who you truly are (being tuned into your destiny) will naturally grant you positive energy. Then, by becoming more positive and forcing your brain to put out positive vibes, you might make yourself more “attractive” to positive outcomes from the universe around you.

Yeah, you’re probably thinking what I did: “Bullshit!” Right? You’re telling me that the crappy stuff in my life is because my thoughts are filled with negative energy? Maybe yes, maybe no. But regardless of how it came to be that you’re in a particular situation, negative vibes will not break you out of a negative situation. That seemed like a decent takeaway.