Destiny Tuning – Day One

I decided to try this program that I came across while searching for inspiration and motivation. It said, “Manifestation Miracle” and it was something that I could promote as a paid affiliate. So I sat through the sales video – and it’s long! But how can I promote something that I didn’t do myself?

As I’m watching the video, the narrator says something that catches my attention. Several things got my attention honestly, but one, in particular, was the story of someone struggling with depression and anxiety because that is my peer group. She was also experiencing minimal success pursuing the idea that just working hard with pay off. That’s something I could identify with professionally.

Still, they are claiming a scientific basis to this “law of attraction” and “destiny tuning” thing. Really? I’m a believer in science, and I find this mystical stuff about changing your circumstances just by shifting your mind to be a tough sell. Sounds like bullshit, right?

Nonetheless, I have been struggling, lonely, frustrated, depressed, and just a few steps away from needing to declare bankruptcy. So what if there really was something to this? Wouldn’t it be worth it? Even if it was just to feel better about life… So I decided to buy it, try it, do the steps and keep a record to share with my readers. Plus, I needed a mental and emotional counterbalance for my work on 13 reasons why.

I started listening to the chapters while walking Cleo, my beagle-basset hound and will go back to look at the written material later.