CNQR – Social Impact Organization

Courage. Normalize. Question. Recovery. CNQR – which could be pronounced “Conquer” ¬†is a new organization that seeks to “drive large-scale¬†change in the brain health and wellness space as a means to ultimately eradicate suicide; by collaborating with global changemakers and social innovation entrepreneurs.”

CNQR T-Shirt

#BrainHealth is sexy

At its core, CNQR is an international team of peer leaders who are finding ways to challenge the norms around mental health and wellness. (Their t-shirt proclaiming that #BrainHealth is sexy is one example). Through their programming, they hope to create opportunities for open dialogue about mental health topics. According to their Vision statement they also seek to “advance experiences and opportunities for people with lived expertise to innovate, lead and make impact in their local communities… [as well as] encourage stakeholders to collaborate and push a collective message that will transcend sectors through networking, collective impact, and disruption of the norm.”

The CNQR “Collective” delivers keynote talks, workshops, and group sessions on topics including (but not limited to) suicide prevention, suicide loss, caregiving, suicide attempt survivor supports, older adult suicide prevention, youth and trauma, sexual assault, brain health and wellness, strength-based practices, substance abuse, and recovery. It is a dynamic group with compelling messaging that they tailor for delivery in schools and colleges, as well as community settings. Dr. Ursula Whiteside is one of the amazing speakers that participates in the CNQR Collective.

The Lived Experience Academy is looking forward to supporting the work of CNQR and is engaged with their leadership team (including co-founder Heidi Bryan) to identify strategic opportunities for collaboration.