5. Future perspective

Some people say to “remember where you came from” and “don’t forget your roots”. Those are okay if you can gain strength, courage, joy, or warmth from your memories. But maybe you see trauma, pain, or failure. Then for now, forget that advice. Some people say “live in the present”. That is excellent advice if… Continue reading 5. Future perspective

4. Reasons to keep living

Find a reason for continuing. What do you want to see, or do, or experience before you die? Did you always want to go to Paris? Who will you go with? Do you want to go fishing again? Do you have bait and tackle that hasn’t even been used? Is there someone you really wanted… Continue reading 4. Reasons to keep living

3. Make The Choice

Actively decide to live for at least a little while. You deserve to get a fair chance from yourself. Again I’m not saying that you need to commit to living to 100 years old or something. Just commit to living for a while. Give yourself a chance to try some other options out first. Don’t… Continue reading 3. Make The Choice

2. Let’s procrastinate

So now it’s time to procrastinate. We’re all going to die sometime, so why does it have to be today? You’re in control so you can take all the time you want. Even people on death row get some time before the execution takes place. I think you at least deserve that too. Why not… Continue reading 2. Let’s procrastinate

1. Can we pause?

If a therapist or other provider has ever said that you should stop having suicidal thoughts, then you’re not alone. It would be great if it was that easy. It’s been over 20 years and I still can’t say that I have absolutely stopped every single suicidal thought that I have. It might be unrealistic… Continue reading 1. Can we pause?