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3. Taking care of the mail

There are likely many ways to approach handling mail that may have stacked up while you were away. Mostly these fall into just a few categories: they tell you how to basically sort things, they tell you how to organize them, or they tell you how to delegate them. If you have the time to […]

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7. Getting Back To Your Life

Getting back to your life

Family roles This is the time to revisit, clarify, and at least temporarily redistribute any family responsibilities. Back to school Depending on the level of schooling Consider any administration procedures and paperwork. Consider what you might tell fellow students see prior discussion. Consider what to tell teachers or coaches. Will you need their support? Will […]

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6b. Telling Other People – Decisions

Telling other people - decisions

What’s your timeline? What is the timeline for discussions? My suggestion is to go for support first. The suggested order would be: First, the people who already know and have a high probability of providing support. Second would be the people who will probably be supportive but they don’t know yet about your crisis. Third […]

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2. Moving back in

moving back in

If you’ve been gone for a while it can almost feel like you’re both returning home and also moving in. So here’s the way I approach it: First, start with the big stuff and work from there. It is easy to get stuck on small stuff. I often get stuck on the small stuff. So […]

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1. Recovery starts at home

Recovery starts at home

So you’re not actively planning your suicide. You’re looking toward the future. What’s next? It’s time to put your life back together. We’re going to start with the physical living environment and activities of daily living, basic functioning. Why? The reason for starting here is that (whether or not you were in the hospital) some […]

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6. Practical steps

practical steps

Some practical steps to make a better future more likely now that you have some reasons to hold on. Making a Safety Plan Now Matters Now offers an excellent introduction to safety planning (download here), including steps for what to do when things are very intense, as well as planning for the future. Once you’ve […]

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If you ever start feeling like you're heading into a crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255)