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6a. Telling Other People – Intro

Telling other people

Some people may have noticed and said something. Some people probably noticed but didn’t say anything. Consider how specific or detailed you want to be when talking to them, as compared to being more vague or having excuses. Your experience belongs to you, and you have the right to control who receives what information about […]

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5b. Recovery – New You

recovery the new you

You might be asking: Who am I now? Now that you have an idea about the symptoms, maybe a diagnosis, possible effects of those symptoms on your life, and your new status as somebody who has been through a suicidal crisis, some of your basic ideas about personal identity may have changed or feel less […]

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5a. Recovery – New Normal


One of the things that we need to address in the recovery period is to come to terms with what is happening now. Are you currently experiencing symptoms that are bothersome to you? It doesn’t matter whether or not they have an assigned diagnosis, but instead, what the specific things are that are bothering you. […]

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4c. Appointments – Payment

payment for appointments

There are various ways to pay for healthcare, but most of us will be using some form of health insurance. There are references online that explain the different types of health insurance, such as the HMO or PPO networks, and I will try to find the ones that are most useful. However, one of the […]

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4a. Appointments – Where


First Choice There are many considerations to take into mind when you are deciding which order to pursue making healthcare appointments, or visiting with providers. Some of these will be determined by any particular rules for your insurance company. However, here are a few things to consider. If you are going to have medication, then […]

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4b. Appointments – Scheduling


Making healthcare appointments is something that’s easy to put off or procrastinate on, but is one of those things that is likely to be most useful if you address it right away. Look through the information that you may have received at the emergency room, hospital, clinic, or crisis center. You will probably find a […]

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If you ever start feeling like you're heading into a crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255)

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