4a. Appointments – Where


First Choice

There are many considerations to take into mind when you are deciding which order to pursue making healthcare appointments, or visiting with providers. Some of these will be determined by any particular rules for your insurance company.

However, here are a few things to consider. If you are going to have medication, then it makes sense to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist or other licensed provider who can write prescriptions. Because the psychiatrist is also trained as a medical doctor, that will provide you with access to somebody who has training relevant to multiple possible needs.

If you have any physical injuries, then you might get a referral for physical therapy or occupational therapy. Seeing one of those providers can often be very helpful when you are trying to recover. However, those appointments may take quite a bit of time because you have to go multiple times within the week. It’s beneficial because it focuses on exercising or treating specific muscle or soft tissue groups, and thus often has a exercise or workout component. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to fit it into a schedule.

Regardless of the type or provider, you might have a particular individual or particular health group that you would prefer to go to. If you don’t currently have one, then it makes sense to do some research either online or by talking to other people or by getting a specific referral from a provider that you are already in touch with. Another good resource for getting a referral in your area would be to call your local crisis center, because they keep updated directories of a wide variety of helpful resources in your community.

Backup Plans

Unfortunately, there are sometimes when we just can’t get our preferred provider or healthcare group. Given that those cases do arise at times, if you are up for it then it makes sense to also think about what your backup plans are going to be in case you’re not able to get into see a particular provider, or if you have a scheduled appointment, but something comes up that needs to be addressed before your appointment time.


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By Dr. Lezine

DeQuincy Lezine is a suicide attempt survivor with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and postdoctoral training in suicide prevention. He is the Director of the Lived Experience Academy.