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Telling other people - decisions

6b. Telling Other People – Decisions

What’s your timeline?

What is the timeline for discussions? My suggestion is to go for support first. The suggested order would be:

  • First, the people who already know and have a high probability of providing support.
  • Second would be the people who will probably be supportive but they don’t know yet about your crisis.
  • Third would be the people who already know about the crisis but you don’t know how supportive they may be.
  • Fourth would be the people who don’t know about the crisis and you don’t know how supportive they would be.
  • And the fifth would be people who might be unsupportive, and then you have to decide whether or not to keep them as friends and how much if anything to tell them.

Comment: what order would you choose?

How will you tell them?

Finding a mode of communication to match the relationship and depth of discussion. However if you are employing some form of deception then consider whether or not you want to have that in writing. It is also useful to start with a low amount of disclosure and provide higher amount as becomes necessary.


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