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Welcome to the Lived Experience Academy.

If you're in crisis please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 800-273-8255

Now you can go from hurting to healing after a suicidal crisis


I know it hurts to survive a suicidal crisis. There is a path to healing. You can even go beyond recovery. You can learn from suicidal experiences, and possibly even help others. I call this process of recovery and growth following a suicidal crisis Post-Suicidal Growth (#PSG).

I believe you can succeed at this whether the suicidal experience was your own, or it happened to someone you care about.

I want to help you recover after a suicidal crisis, and help you continue along a path of post-suicidal growth. I wish I could help during a crisis, but I'm not available to do that. That's why I recommend some other resources that can assist. (see below)

  • I need to get out of a suicidal crisis
  • I need to recover from a suicidal crisis

Getting stable is the first step toward recovery

Let's keep going but I wanted to give you a resource right here in case you need it.

Useful Resource

Where are you on the path to Post-Suicidal Recovery and Growth?

Post-Suicidal Recovery means getting stable and healing after a suicidal crisis. Post-Suicidal Growth is going beyond recovery, learning from suicidal experience and changing your life with that knowledge.

When you're ready for Post-Suicidal Growth: Advanced Stages

Lived Experience Academy members pursue post-suicidal growth by advancing through the three stages that follow after recovery:

  • Stage 3: Evaluate - get a deep understanding of how the suicidal crisis developed in your life
  • Stage 4: Learn - increase self-awareness while gaining new skills to counter suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • Stage 5: Grow - apply knowledge and insights from suicidal experience to improve your life and the lives of others

I'm committed to helping everyone who joins me on the path of Post-Suicidal Growth, so I spend most of the year focused on bringing valuable information to members. However, there are brief enrollment periods.

The next opportunity for enrollment starts on December 3rd

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